Trust and Security

Dalendo's mission is to federate people from different countries around the globe, around projects that create value for both project promoters and contributors.

We attach great importance to each of our members.
Our platform should give you the confidence that you are entitled to demand from a crowdfunding platform.
This is how we put in place the following procedures:
- Community verification operations
- consideration of requests made by Dalendo members.
We are working to provide you with a positive experience. This is why we are committed to verifying the security of the system.
Our back office team ensures the protection of data exchanged online. It is important that the project leaders are in good standing regarding their identities and that the Community feels reassured thanks to the transparency which they must show regarding their projects.
We are always vigilant about the integrity of this “project-contributor” relationship and we do not hesitate to act firmly when it seems necessary (in particular, the suspension of a campaign, the banishment of users from malicious behavior).
We regularly exchange with our payment partners who are the guarantors of your contributions and counterparties.
Watch out for “Phishing”. Phishing is a hacking technique aimed at recovering personal information (credit card number, social security number). Do not share sensitive information with any company that claims to be affiliated with Dalendo, either by phone or email. You should not reply to these emails asking you to log into your account because there is a problem with your account identification or because your account is suspended. Also, do not click on the hyperlinks that these messages may contain. Report any fraudulent email or attempted fraud to you. We take the security of your personal data very seriously.
Only the site allows you to connect to your personal account.
We want Dalendo to remain, on the one hand, a place where ethics and transparency are present, on the other hand, a Community where the exchange of ideas and creativity make it possible to carry out innovative, exhilarating and creative projects.

How to add more value to your project?

On Dalendo, your contributors will first believe in you before they believe in your project. If trust and transparency are not there then, there is a great risk that your campaign will fail.
Running your campaign on Dalendo means accepting the risk of losing and the risk of failing. But in any case, one of your main commitments is to communicate whatever the outcome of your campaign.

Make transparency your asset in the way you communicate
On Dalendo, you must comply with our General Conditions of Use for our services. And, you must also make efforts so that the confidence that the men and women of Dalendo give you, remains intact.
Don't make false promises.
There is nothing worse than having your name posted on the internet and associated with negative comments.

Tips for contributors
When a project interests you, read carefully the details of the project, the information concerning the project leader, the risks and the challenges of this project.
You can also:
- do research on the internet, look at the manufacturing stage of the project (design, prototype, production, etc.) as indicated on the project page
- ask questions to the bearer of the project you are supporting either by posting a comment or by direct messaging
- report this project to the Dalendo team when you have strong indications of abnormal activity. Send us a message using our contact form. You can also tell us about the project by clicking the button at the bottom of the project page.

Advice to project leaders
Be clear, transparent, precise
If you don’t have a prototype, then there’s not. To say otherwise is to risk being considered a liar by contributors who expect your campaign to allow you to finance the production of your product, for example.
If you need legal authorization before you can organize an event, sell a product, ... then you have to inform the public. Not saying it can be analyzed as a lie by omission.
If you have not yet identified a partner to manufacture a part of your project, for example, you must say so in the "Risks and challenges" section.
You should understand that you don't necessarily know what will win the trust of contributors. Therefore, without giving information that is strictly confidential or that would jeopardize your project, it is important to bring to their attention all information likely to enable them to contribute to your project, with clear and informed consent.
Contrary to what you might think, the more transparent you will be, the more you will be appreciated by your contributors who will recommend your project to new contributors. It will even serve word of mouth, around your project.
Specify who you are, your team, their skills. Show that you know the risks and challenges of your project.

Communicate, Communicate and Communicate
It is important for any project leader to respond to comments from contributors, update your project page, and respond to their private messages.
This is one of the best ways to keep the trust of your contributors.

Research your suppliers and potential partners
As a project leader, you can have the opportunity to enter into partnerships or working alliances with supplier partners, assemblers and others. You should collect as much information as possible. Do not underestimate a possible problem with your partner as this can become the most important problem on your agenda. However, if you offer counterparties, you agree to deliver them within the allotted time.
In the same way, if you encounter problems in the implementation of your project, keep the communication with your contributors. The more you communicate with them, the more patient they will be.

We want to help you
It is important to note that we reserve the right to suspend any fundraising campaign in the event of prolonged absence of any communication with contributors. Like the project leaders, we must keep the confidence of the Dalenders.
Even if it is not possible for us to guarantee that the campaigns close successfully, that the counterparties are effectively delivered to you within the stipulated deadlines, that the project leaders actually carry out their projects, we maintain our vigilance as to the respect of the conditions of use of Dalendo.
For each project received, we can request additional information, proof of the state of development of the project in order to check the consistency between the information of the project leader and reality.
The reimbursement of contributions and counterparts, the settlement of conflicts of any kind cannot be the responsibility of Dalendo. We believe that the public’s power and strength is to avoid contributing to a project that does not inspire confidence in it. We also believe in the good intelligence of the project leaders who must see the interest they have in communicating in a transparent, sincere and regular way with the Public, under penalty of keeping negative traces on the internet for decades.
Do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you need our help. Our team will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Some recommendations to properly evaluate a campaign
Remember you are not in a store
Even if we try to select the files, sometimes the projects may not succeed for reasons which may be attributable to the project promoters. But sometimes, despite their good will, everything does not always go as planned.
It is important to remember that you first support an idea, a project that shares your values ​​or that you really like.
And, we understand the satisfaction you can feel when you finally see the project you have supported come to fruition.
But, remember that you are not buying a product that is already on the market.
As soon as you contribute to a project that is in the design to manufacturing phase, you are deemed to accept the risks of carrying out and not carrying out said project. Adjustments, changes, production delays, shipping delays are risks you need to keep in mind when you are interested in and want to contribute to a project.
We invite you to consider the following points to help you better approach a project:

           - Who are the leaders of the project?
                 The project leader can have a team of several members.
Look :
              - their skills, their experiences
              - the reasons for the project
              - the use they will make of the money
              - their real motivation, their vision
              - photos of team members
              - the video of the project must contain the project leader who must defend his project
              - external links which point to the company's website or to social media, to press articles, etc.
              - the internet links concerning the project and concerning each member of the team.
           - Why do they want money?
                 The presentation of the project must be clear, precise and above all transparent. The project leader and his team must prove to you their seriousness, their passion and what they have accomplished to want today, to see this project come to fruition.
Be careful :
             - the quality of the presentation (the pitch) which must be transparent, passionate
             - the nature and description of the consideration offered, their illustrations
             - the terms and conditions of dispatch of the counterparties.
           - At what stage is the campaign?
                A campaign that has received no funds is suspect because any project leader knows that he must collect the support and contributions of his family, relatives, friends.
           - How does the project manager manage his project page?
                A project page should be updated regularly. You can also view the Facebook and Twitter accounts created for the project and see if they are active.

We are here. We support you.
At the bottom of the page, you will find a button to report any campaign that seems suspicious or that does not respect the spirit or the conditions of use of the platform. Remember that your opinion matters to us. It is together that we manage to make this platform a quality environment.

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