Who we are?

Dalendo's mission is to federate people from different countries around the globe, around projects that create value for both project promoters and contributors.

Dalendo is a multidisciplinary team of specialists on entrepreneurship.

The team is headed by market development experts who can intervene on the matrices of innovative and varied economic models.

We focus on the following results:

-         Offer to the project holders powerful technological tools to help them maximize their opportunities of success in raising funds

-         Select files that show seriousness, transparency, clarity, a realistic and thoughtful approach, and indices of viability of economic models

 -        Accompany the project holders, before and during the crowdfunding phase, for a better risk management according to our mantra: “one idea, one employment.” In fact, the creativity must remain free. It is even more free when it expresses itself through the creation of a lasting employment

-         Accompany the project holders who would like it, after the success of their fundraising, to help them live their passion.

 -         We have a culture based on results and evolve in a fully international environment.

Far from the culture of ego, our choice is to focus on the development of the platform with humility, perseverance and the hope that we are useful in this world. 


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118/130, avenue Jean Jaurès 
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