Our Mission

Dalendo's mission is to federate people from different countries around the globe, around projects that create value for both project promoters and contributors.

Creating a company which will serve international project creators and contributors wishing to make a local and international global change.

When we talk about job, we talk about a source of recurrent revenue for the person who deploys her, his workforce. So, we consider that entrepreneurship is a type of job per se.

Our milestones are:

-         Encouraging people from all around the world to finance local projects and other projects located wherever projects to create sustainable jobs are emerging

-         Mobilising local large enterprises and local authorities to help entrepreneurs to create more sustainable jobs

-         Developing international cooperation between entrepreneurs around the globe

-         Encouraging business model innovation to reduce social, economic and digital gaps

-         Giving back to the international communities so local people contribute to the international outreach of their country.


This earth doesn’t belong to us. We are working to build a better future for your kids and ours.

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