Dalendo's mission is to federate people from different countries around the globe, around projects that create value for both project promoters and contributors.

Do you want to contribute to a project?


Do you want to finance your innovative and creative project?


Accompaniment for the projects which cost at least $/€ 5,000.

All the project holders, whose project cost is at least $/€ 5,000, must be assisted by an expert on market development from Dalendo.

You will need to add the costs of our consultations to your budget.

The objective of our intervention is to supervise the good implementation of your project and to help you as much as possible in its successful completion.

It is also a relief for the contributors to know that we work hand in hand with the project holders, in order to see the fulfilment of wonderful projects.

The accompaniment lasts during the campaign’s whole period, from the fundraising campaign’s opening date to the closing date.

Contact us if the cost of your project (without the Dalendo’s commission) is at least €/$ 5,000.


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