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Dalendo, your way to create value!

Invest to inspire the others

1 idea, 1 job! It is the motto of Dalendo, your Crowdfunding platform to help your projects become real. Do you have the soul of an entrepreneur? - Come to share, exchange and encourage those who dare to start, grow and challenge themselves to live their passion! Welcome to Dalendo!

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You are a leader, Become the greatest marketer!

Crowdfunding is a challenge. You learn to become the best marketer. You must promote yourself and your project, day after day. You will grow as a leader and a real entrepreneur! Embrace the journey!

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Take time to build your reward strategy!

Yes, reward means strategy. Your supporters care about your project. In exchange, they expect to have a reward which is exclusive, unique, attractive no matter how much they help. Give people envy to support your project. Then, each supporter will thank you by bringing at least 1 to 3 supporters!

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You too, Be generous! Give to receive!

Your supporters believe in you first before giving money to your project. Answer their comments, updates, latest news. Give people love. These guys support you. A "Thank you" counts a lot in your project development. Attitude and Gratitude create Trust, and attract more supporters!

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All or nothing is your best friend!

You must reach your goal (you may surpass it, lucky you!) to get the funds you raised. It is an opportunity for you to work hard and smart by mobilizing all good energies, family and friends, their networks, medias to turn your project into a great success!

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Be sure to consider all cost involved!

Your project cost must be what you really need to get it starts. You set your financial objective, adding, the costs of rewards and their delivery costs. Remember to add Dalendo's fees (6% on average) and the 3% transaction process fee plus tax charges (taxes on sales).

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Don't try to do everything by yourself!

There is no leader without a great team. You might be a genius but understand that Crowdfunding requires from you that you keep on promoting your project while you give love to your supporters. Start with some forces to help you for marketing, design, social medias. Before starting, build your Dream Team!