Frequently Asked Questions


When it comes to funding, whether it be for the Statue of Liberty or the Sagrada Familia, an iconic 19th century monument in Barcelona, Crowdfunding allows the general public to fund a project they can connect to.

It’s an alternative funding method that takes place in all sectors of the economy. Remember John CASSAVETES’ movie SHADOWS from 1958, which was funded thanks to radio editors. Or former US President Barack OBAMA, who raised $750 million for his presidential campaign in 2008, two thirds of which were provided by small supporters.

Crowdfunding proves its strength in connecting a community of people who may not know each other and enables them to contribute to the creation of artistic, technological, ecological or any other work that matters to them!

Dalendo is working on making the world a global village of crowdfunding!

Dalendo is the Crowdfunding platform that aims at offering any project holder, independently from where they are located, the opportunity to realize the project of their dreams by attracting enthusiastic supporters!

Regardless of your profession or passion, joining Dalendo means that you have that little extra something: you wish to make a positive impact on your immediate circle, your city, your community, your region, your country, the world!

That quantum is what Dalendo calls « the value ».

Even better, those who believe in you, those who give and lend and invest in you, they also have that little extra something. The desire to create value.

Dalendo supports projects that feature: creativity, all sorts of innovation, solidarity, citizen dimension, entrepreneurship. We put equal emphasis on any of these categories.

 We will, in any case, ask the project holder to go further in the vision and approach of the submitted project.

 For example: Do you wish to set up a cultural event? – Use Dalendo to meet supporters who will support you. But what are the implications of this event? – The event may be successful and that’s all we wish for. And if It Is, how will you make sure that the effects of this event persist and that it impacts the participants so positively that you could turn it into a business. You could set up Think Tanks, inspire people through this event and make them improve or even change their lives.

That is the notion of value that resides in the heart of our platform. We want to be by your side and help your passion produce value for you and others.

Albums, movie, books, studies, schools, wind farms, convenience stores, connected objects, well-being, travel, water savings, sports, reports,… There are many reasons for you to submit your project to Dalendo!

We draw your attention to the fact that we support projects that show originality and a proven differentiation factor.

 We want supporters to read your project page and tell themselves that the project is original, innovating, creative and worth of financial support. We want them talk about it on social media, with friends and family and so on…

We turn down projects that:

-          are incomplete,

-           do not result in the creation of an original or improved piece of work:  if the project copies an existing product or service without bringing any improvement, innovation or proven differentiation factor to it

-          were not created or manufactured by the project holder

-          are subject to strict legislation, for instance: weapons and related items, alcohols and related items, explosives and related items, medicine and related items

-          promote energy bars and energy drinks without all the legal and administrative authorizations

-          require administrative authorizations or regulatory approval to be launched

-          aim directly or indirectly at resale and resale attempts of goods or services for a fee

-          aim directly or indirectly products and services that claim to have healing powers which are likely to shift the public away from professionals sworn in to treat given pathologies

-          result directly or indirectly in copyright, intellectual property and related infringements (brands, templates, artwork, patents,…)

-          contain shocking material (especially promotion of hatred, violence, breakdown of family and social ties,... )

-          contain pornography

-          are contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality

-          aim directly or indirectly at re-sales of goods or services

As a general rule we reserve the right to reject your project without any justification.

If the elaboration and the launching of your project is subject to regulations or if it is likely to be dangerous or significantly disturbing for supporters, consumers or the integrity of our platform, feel free to contact us.

All human beings feel the need to be useful. This is an absolute truth.

 When you support a project, you do so because you can relate to it. You feel connected to this idea, this item or this project. You support this project because you want it to succeed.

 You support it financially. And your satisfaction will progressively grow bigger as your project moves forward to its final goal: being achieved.

And if the project has the benefit to offer you the rewards which you contributed to, then it’s almost like you have left your own mark on them.

Dalenders, Dalendo community members, everybody can be a user. No matter their nationality or the country they are from, Dalenders join the community in order to discover, exchange and share this amazing adventure of value creating projects.

 Everybody can contribute to the projects of his choice. Close ones, friends, partners, clients and other people who know the project holders. But also those who feel moved or who can relate to these projects and who want to see them take shape and materialize.

The project holder must be 18 years of age or represented by a legal representative or guardian.

He or she is located in a country whose national currency is particularly: Euro, GBP, USD, CAD, NOK, DKK, SEK, CHF and many more.

At Dalendo, registration is free.

Dalendo applies the « KEEP IT ALL » rule. This means that, if your fundraising campaign doesn’t reach the objective that you have set, you still keep all the funds. No fund will be refunded to the respective supporters.

Project Creators define the rewards they will provide in return for the contributions to their project. Rewards come as a compensation for a contributor’s support of a project.

Dalendo reminds you that rewards must be directly related to the project. Contributions themselves must observe our conditions of eligibility in order to be displayed on our platform.

Dalendo is a financial platform connecting creators and supporters with their projects. It therefore perceives a 6% fee Tax excluded that is applied to the amount of collected funds. The fee is paid in one go by the project holder after closing a successful campaign.

Our payment gateway provider charges bank fees for transferring funds to the project holder.

In concrete terms, the money that you transfer to your Dalendo account as a contribution remains your property and does not move around Dalendo bank accounts.

The payment gateway provider collects all contributions from Dalenders for the supported projects. When the campaign is over, the payment gateway provider grants permission to transfer these funds towards the project holder

Dalendo supporters

Contribute your project and manage your contribution

By subscribing to Dalendo you can make a contribution with or without being rewarded. Rewards can be chosen in the right column of every project page.

Once you made your decision you chose your method of payment on the protected payment page.

At Dalendo, we accept contributions in more than 100 different currencies thanks to the expertise of our partners LEMONWAY, Stripe who engage in widening payments all over the world.

 We accept credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.

The maximum you can contribute to, depends on your country of residence. For example, in France, you can contribute up to € 10000 by credit card.

You can use your PAYPAL account once it is accepted by the project holder. Then you can then see the PayPal logo on the project page.

The idea is that your account will be debited when you make payment that matches the amount of your contribution.

However, your contribution will only be forwarded to the project holder if the campaign is successful. Should it fail, you get a full refund without additional fees.

Notice that: contributions cannot be made by cheque. Unfortunately we do not handle cheques.

As part of our overall commitment in the fight against money laundering and the funding of terrorism we have to inform you that money transfers for contributions above €/$ 250 or multiple contributions reaching up to €/$ 2500 will require the following information:  

-          Identity papers: national ID card or valid passport

-          Proof of address no older than 3 months:  water bill, electricity bill,…, mobile phone bills are excluded

-          Bank account details

-          A picture up-to-date: agreed upon that other users don’t see the amount of your contribution.

These documents are mandatory from the moment the amount of money moving to your « Dalender » account exceeds €/$ 2500 and, or if you pay a refund from your « Dalender » account towards your ordinary bank account.

If you are lodged by somebody, all you have to do is providing a certificate of lodging no older than 3 months. If you reside outside of France (metropolitan France and French overseas departments and territories), you must, in addition to the above information, provide the tax assessment of your place of residence or a tax certificate issued by the country’s tax authorities.

As with all online payments you have to provide the usual banking details (credit card number, expiration date, security code or the three-figure cryptogram on the back of the card).

You will notice that financial institutions increasingly ask to confirm your transaction by entering a PIN code that is send to you via SMS. These measures are taken to ensure that you are the owner of the credit card that is used in the transfer.

If you wish to use PayPal, you have to create a PayPal account in order to send money. You can create an account at:

Once you contribute to a project you can contact the project holder through private messaging. Otherwise you can connect to the project’s page and leave a message in the “comment” tab.

Our platform allows you to share your supported projects on several social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Whatsapp and more) but also through you mobile phone. So let your family, close ones and friends know that a project is worthy of support and that they, as well as their personal network, deserve to know about it.

You have to be aware that you chose to contribute to a project without the benefits of any transfer of ownership (full ownership, copyright and other). However, the project holder who engages in rewarding supporters must meet the commitments made, whatever the reward might be. Dalendo cannot be held, directly or indirectly, accountable for the relationship that was set up between you and the project holder. We select the projects and put in contact project holders and supporters who could potentially show interest in the project.

In order to modify your contribution at Dalendo you have to log on to your personal space and click the tab “Managing my contributions”. You decide whether to cancel or to increase your contribution for a project. You keep your funds.

Remember, in any case, money is only transferred towards the project holder if the campaign is successful. Should the campaign fail and no matter what payment method was used, you keep your funds.

Once a campaign has started you can cancel your contribution to a project. Click on the tab “Managing my contributions” in order to cancel your contribution to a project by clicking the « cancel » button. Then you can move on to a new project that triggers your interest and start contributing to it.

As soon as a campaign that you are supporting has started you can cancel your contribution. However, cancellation will not be possible later than 48 hours before the anticipated closing of the campaign so that projects holders have a chance to experience a happy ending.

Your contribution goes directly to the project owner.

Dalendo chooses files by piecing together clues about the project holder and the project that help us check their viability and reliability.

The only solution thus far is the project holder’s own responsible involvement and awareness that the enthusiastic « crowd » believes in the supported project and that the project holder has to keep her/his commitments. However, it is important to remind that in between the emergence an idea and the materialization of the project (event, product, service,…) some steps might be risky (a subcontractor who is supposed to manufacture some components has failed to deliver or got behind on the assembly line, official authorizations that are obsolete or denied,...)

We invite you to send a message towards the project holder from your personal space. You can also leave a message on her/his project page.

You can support as much projects as you like. We recommend that you take some time to monitor the projects and don’t hesitate to discuss with the project holder.

Given the fact that we run a regulated activity we need, for our part, a minimum amount of information on you (except in the case of money transfers over $/€ 250 where supporting documents are mandatory). That being said, you can use an alias on our platform and also hide the amount of your contribution.

All your personal information, especially bank account details are confidential. However, in case of a rewarding campaign, you realize that the project holder will need basic information like the first and last name, delivery address, email or phone number in order to send you your reward.

You support a project that just accomplished a successful fundraising campaign. Dalendo notifies all Dalenders that contributed to this project of the good news by email. Stay connected to your favourite social network, we will also inform our Dalender community.

 We also hope that you will share the good news with people from your own network who trusted you and who also contributed to the same project.

We may decide to refund you if we have any doubt of any nature (legal information, project feasibility, transparency,…) about the project holder.

You will be notified accordingly.

In cases of delay in delivery of your reward you have to contact the project holder immediately so that he can give you an explanation about the delay.

We assist project holders whose projects reach at least $/€ 5000 in such as client development, the structuring of projects, their strategic planning and the marketing of products or services.

Not by any means will we intervene in the issues of reward delivery.

Therefore you save time by directly contacting the project holder that you supported through your contribution.

How does fundraising work?

We check the eligibility of projects as well as the coherence between the presentation and the objectives for both, the project and the envisioned campaign. In any case, we analyse the economic model of the submitted project. A project published at Dalendo has to create value for both, the project holder and the public, the clients and future beneficiaries of that project. The project must have a well-defined purpose and goal.

No matter if the project holder is a private individual, a company or a local Authority and the type of intervention sector (cultural, associative, artistic, the events sector), the project holder must guarantee that the project has been evaluated in its totality.

It is worth recalling that a project holder who raises funds on the internet gets quickly exposed on different media and social networks. The project holder has therefore to remember that:

-          online reputation, that is to say your reputation on the internet, is actual traceable data which is hardly removable from the internet

-          when presenting a project in a sector, it will be observed and evaluated by the community of that specific sector. This means that project holders not only represent themselves but also a profession, an occupational sector…

Sometimes projects can fall behind on schedule for reasons that project holders cannot be blamed for.

 But we always remind them that the main power of Crowdfunding is relentless communication, before, during and after the Crowdfunding campaign, so that the Dalender community keeps enjoying their support and contribution to the current campaign as well as to incoming project holders.

We make sure that the eligibility requirements for projects on our platform are met.

When it comes to legal rights like copyright, the project holders are responsible for the content that they expose on our website. It is their burden to make sure that potential claimed rights on a project are fully valid.

A fundraising campaign may reach its objective on the scheduled expiration date.

But it may also reach its objective faster than expected, that is to say before the scheduled expiration date of the campaign. If so, then the project holder has more funds to achieve his project.


We partner with certified financial institutions in order to receive your funds and keep your money safe. Once the fundraising campaign has been successfully achieved, we ask the chosen certified financial institution to deliver in full the funds to the project holder’s account.

Your money doesn’t move through Dalendo servers. When you chose to make a contribution and select your payment method (LEMONWAY, MANGOPAY, or PAYPAL for instance), an electronic wallet, will be created on your behalf by the financial institution that you chose by clicking on its logo.

In the same way, project holders own an electronic wallet which allows them to receive your contributions. We intervene after a successful campaign by authorizing the final transfer of funds towards the project holder’s account. If the campaign is unsuccessful your funds will be returned, free of charge.

Our financial partners allow you to contribute to the projects of your choice:


-          with over 100 currencies: Euro, GBP, USD, CAD, NOK, DKK, SEK, CHF and many more.

These partners can charge fees for banking transactions of up to 3% except for PayPal payments that can reach up to 3.4% and 0.25 € per transaction (outside the EEA).

At the end of a successful fundraising campaign, and after deducting the Dalendo commission as well as bank charges that will not exceed 3.4% (like for PayPal), project holders receive the full amount of contributions made to their project.

Following the project of your choice

On every project’s page you can find an invitation to follow it « Follow this project » top left of the project’s header image. Click on this link if you wish to follow the project. You can also visualize all the projects that you are following in your personal space. If you wish to stop following a project, simply click on the link « Unfollow ».

Project creators

Launching a campaign at Dalendo

Subscription is free. Submitting a project is also free.

Dalendo selects projects based on their creativity, all forms of innovation, solidarity, citizen dimension, sustainable development, ecological transition and entrepreneurship in generals.

The Project must create value:  

1.       For the project holder and also

2.       In the short, medium and long term

3.       Bringing value to the municipality, the city, the region, the country or internationally. Whatever the heights of your ambition, it is essential that other people benefit from your project’s usefulness.

4.       The project falls into any of the categories listed on our platform

5.       The project has a clear objective:  Albums, movie, books, studies, schools, wind farms, convenience stores, connected objects, well-being, travel, water savings, sports, reports…are clear objectives

This is also the case of students who search funding for their diploma. We examine the student’s profile, school career and whether the project represents all the aspects that lead to creation of value for the student as well as for others.

Is your project useful? Does your project have a collective impact?

If the elaboration and the launching of your project is subject to regulations or if it is likely to be dangerous or significantly disturbing for supporters, consumers or the integrity of our platform, feel free to contact us:

You need to click on the link « Start a project » and follow the instructions in order to send your project to our team which will respond within 12 hours.

We examine the project holder’s and the project’s seriousness, coherence and credibility.

If you receive a favourable opinion from us and if the campaign’s terms are settled, we suggest that you:

-          Share your project on social media through whatsapp, messenger or sms. We placed at your disposal tools that will help you spreading your project page on social

-          Inform your family, friends, partners or clients by telephone or email about the purpose and objective of your campaign so that everybody is able to participate.

-          Dedicate 30 minutes per day to your campaign, update your project page and answer questions supporters may ask. You may also communicate with Dalendo supporters by using the internal messaging system

-          Thank those who contributed

-          Remember to inform your supporters when your project is finalized.

Any individual who is over 18 years of age can submit a project.

You must own a bank account. After a successful campaign we have to transfer the funds towards your account. This is one of the reasons why we need you to send the following documents:

-          A copy of a national identity card or a valid passport

-          Proof of address no older than 3 months (mobile phone bills are excluded): water, gas, electricity or heating bills, but also home insurance bills, landline subscriptions or rent receipts

If you are a tenant, please provide a certificate of residence signed by your landlord.

-          An account statement on your behalf so that funds can be transferred to your account

-          Any legal person (companies, social and sustainable enterprises, associations, local authorities as well as their extensions SEM (semi-public company),…) can also submit a project on the Dalendo platform.

The legal entity must provide:

-          A registration document

-          Supporting documents that are required by law (authorizations, deliberations, acknowledgement of public interest, tax rescripts of public interest,…)

-          Status certified by the board

-          Copies of identity documents – national identity card or a valid passport-from key persons of the organization (managers, end economic beneficiary investors,…)

-          A bank account identification.

The minimum amount for a fundraiser is €/$ 5. There is no maximum amount for a fundraiser. We check upon the seriousness, the credibility and the coherence between the amount to reach and the presentation of the project.

You have to decide what amount of money you will need in order to advance your project if the campaign is successful. You may consider setting a reasonable campaign objective. As a matter of fact, the more you raise your campaign objective, the more you have to commit to updating your page and promoting your campaign.

Furthermore, it is easier to raise funds successfully when you are already part of a community, all you have to do then is redirecting them to your project page. In contrast, without any existing support you will have to create your own community of supporters and learn to communicate with them over and over again.

Launching a Crowdfunding campaign forces you to draw energy from inside and try to surpass yourself. What a fantastic human adventure!

You have to set your objective by taking in account the following costs and expenses:

-          The cost of your project:  you have listed all the spending necessary to start your project

-          Dalendo’s commission

-          The costs of accompaniment: if your project costs more than 5000 €, you have to be accompanied by a Dalendo expert in market development. Contact us:  devexpert at

-          The costs of rewards that are offered to supporters

-          Delivery costs for these rewards

-          The value added tax (Vat) that is applied at Dalendo’s commission which legal persons who are liable for payment of VAT have to pay to local Tax authorities.

-          The value added tax (Vat), which is applied on presales in the context of your campaign, assuming that you are liable for this value added tax that must be collected and paid to local Tax authorities.

-          Other taxes can be applicable depending on the contributor’s country of residence.

Your project may actually raise more contributions than expected. That’s a good thing! That would mean that you made real efforts in order to:

-          Present a dynamic, attractive and stimulating project

-          Define the levels of rewarding:  supporters want to see you move towards new levels in the progress of your project

-          Think about the aftermath of your campaign because, if it is successful, supporters will trust you even more and may want to contribute to your new projects.

Generally speaking, if an ongoing campaign reaches 30% of its objective, it has 80% of chances to be successful. If that same campaign reaches 50% of its objective, then the chances of success rise to more than 90%.

Presales suggest some form of manufacturing, production launch or similar. If you choose this approach to your project, presales will come naturally. And you will ensure that one contribution allows you to deliver one presale.

In presales you can defines the levels of » presales ». The more levels you overcome the more enhanced the product will be for supporters, for example.

The purely financial objective allows you to open your campaign to smaller supporters which can contribute starting at $/€ 5 (the minimum contribution at Dalendo).

You choose to reward your supporters, therefore you need to define at least 4 levels for your rewards. The more levels are overcome, the more supporters will benefit from improvements on your offer and rewards.

We apply the « KEEP IT ALL » rule. This means that, if your fundraising campaign doesn’t reach the objective that you have set, you keep all funds you raised.

We suggest that you set a reasonable limit to the terms of your fundraising (30 to 45 days in average) based on the amount you wish to raise. The maximum limit is 90 days.

This rule was inspired by observing several international campaigns. Crowdfunding platforms notice strong activity on project pages mainly at the beginning and at the end of a campaign. During the campaign the page sees its activity slowdown, which means less collected funds.

It is therefore better to set up a short campaign and give your best to communicate over and over, inform your family circle, friends, clients, partners and also their respective networks in order to attract the general public. It is the general public that will help you increase your chances of finishing your campaign successfully.

If your project is carried out by several people you have to choose a project leader who will receive the collected funds.

Your project can be written in French, English, Portuguese, depending on the range of impact you are aiming for. You can choose your language at the beginning and during the setup of your project. Confirmed projects cannot be translated retrospectively.

As contributions may or may not be rewarded, you can’t offer:

-          Financial rewards (interests, royalties, shares and similar, …)

-          Vouchers, discount coupons or vouchers and similar

-          Rewards that are prohibited by law or whose circulation or use is subject to strict regulations

You can therefore not offer rewards under the suspensive condition for supporters to make another contribution.

To put it simply, you can offer rewards that are:

-          payment in kind

-          inventive

-          customized

-          equitable: make sure that the reward matches the value of the contribution.

-          directly related to the project because we suggest you should stay focused on the realization of your project and please try to avoid cross-selling with third parties sales opportunities.

You can offer a wide range of rewards from 1 to 250 € and much more. Make sure that the scale of rewards is well balanced.

It is interesting to observe mechanisms that are used in video games. They encourage players to play even more. Once a player completes a level, another incentive level follows right after.

A template for defining rewards, in this case of an album, may look like this:

Level 1: contributions starting at € 5 or more – Reward 1: Display of the supporters name on social media

Level 2: contributions starting at € 10 or more – Reward 2: a 2 title CD + Display of the supporters name on social media

Level 3: contributions starting at € 15 or more – Reward 3: full album in digital format + Display of the supporters name on social media

Level 4: contributions starting at20 or more – Reward 4: a hard copy of the complete album delivered into the contributor’s mailbox + free delivery + Display of the supporters name on social media

Level 5: contributions starting at40 or more – Reward 5: The group’s first album + new opus + free delivery + Display of the supporters name on social media

Level 6: contributions starting at100 or more – Reward 6: Invitation to a private concert + Display of the supporters name on social media

Level 7: contributions starting at250 or more – Reward 7: Invitation to rehearsals + Invitation to a private concert + new opus + Display of the supporters name on social media

As you can see, the goal is to commit supporters to your campaign and reward them for their support.

You reward them proportionately to their support. In the given example a level 4 contribution does not qualify for the new opus in level 5 or the invitation to rehearsals in level 7.

Remember that supporters are the ambassadors who will talk about your campaign on their personal networks. By offering rewards that are customized, equitable, stimulating, innovative or else, they will give back to you by encouraging other supporters to support you financially.

On the other hand, even if the average of the contributions on the donation campaigns to increase from 25 (the psychological barrier and the most popular amount) to 65 euros, your supporters will want to support you, One after the other, your counterparts are original, just, personalized, and directly related to your project.

What are your reward’s added values? Do your rewards have that little something?

You are free to choose the number of rewards that are given out. The rewards must be delivered to all supporters. Therefore you have to plan ahead how many rewards you will have to give out to supporters.

A default shipping cost option will be applied. You can define a national or international level.

While setting up your objectives you need to evaluate:

-           the costs of your rewards

-          the number of rewards you have to give out

-          and add delivery costs for your rewards, because every contribution should include delivery costs.

You have to submit a complete file so that our team can evaluate it and decide to give it a favourable response. If we ask you add some modifications to the file it will only be published after doing so.

Therefore you have to carefully fill in the 5 major parts of the file: The fundamental objectives of the project, the planned rewards, your project’s history the category that applies to you, .

Supporting documents must be provided in order to receive funds that were collected during a successful campaign. Choose the characteristics of your status:

-          Private individual

-          Company

-          Association

-          Association of general interest

-          Organization of public interest with legal authorization ass f

This information is also necessary for invoicing. Sometimes your status may change during a raising, in this case all you have to do is update your status.

During the stage of « preview », you can pre-visualize your project. You can still modify it. If you filled in all major parts of the file and you feel ready to send it over to us, just click the “Send” button. Your team will answer in the during the next 12 hours.

In case of a favourable response you may be asked to add some modifications. Once these modifications are added, you can publish your project by clicking the “Publish” button.

If you want to change the description of your project, simply click on the ""Edit"" button on the project page.
If you want to inform your contributors of the news of your project, you must first identify yourself on the site. Once done, you click on the ""News"" tab
You can add news, photos, videos.
Then you click the ""Preview"" button to view the news you want to publish. You can save your news project by clicking the ""Save"" button.
If you want to publish your news immediately then, click ""Send"".
Moreover, when there is activity on your page, you are notified by way of notification to your email address."                        

Animation of a Fundraising Campaign

Once that your project has been published you are no longer able to modify the following options:

-          The scheduled end date for your campaign

-          The financial aim of your campaign

-          The type of rewards, no matter what kind of changes you wish to make.

About rewards:

Project creators can create from 1 to 3 new rewards:

- During the campaign, when they reach 50% of their campaign goal (1 to 3 new rewards max)

- when they are at 50% of their campaign duration (1 to 3 new rewards max)

- In addition, if they reached 100% of their goal campaign before the expiration date of this campaign (1 to 3 new rewards max).

These conditions are cumulative.

So, to optimize the hypothesis, for example, a project creator who reaches during the 15 first days of his campaign, 200% of his funding goal may create up to 9 new rewards. It is recommended to create relevant, unique, exclusive, attractive rewards only. Do not create rewards that don't satisfy the rules to be successful . Too many rewards tiers -when they are not exclusive at least - may trouble your campaign.

Project creators receive a notification  by email when these tiers are achieved.

Once the campaign starts, you can also update: the project’s description, images, videos, …

It is important to update news about your project in the « News » tab.

Contact us in case of an urgent need for modification regarding any legitimate reason and legitimate reasons that are not damaging the confidence that supporters put into your project.

Cancelling your project is irreversible. You will have to inform your supporters via the project page by using the “News” tab. Every contributor will be notified about the cancellation of your campaign and all their funds will be returned. You cannot claim these funds even if your campaign ends successfully.

Lucky You! Your campaign closes at the initially scheduled closing date. You can therefore continue to collect funds, surpass your initial objective and increase your chances of realizing your project.

If you want to modify your project description simply click the « Edit » button on your project’s page.

If you want to share news that are related to your project with supporters, you have to log on to the website first, then click on the “News” tab.

You can add new pictures or videos.

Now you can click on the « Preview » button and visualize the news that you want to publish. You can save these news by clicking the « Save » button.

If you want the changes to be immediate, just click on « Send ».

Additionally you will be notified by email about recent activities on your project page.

Finally, you can choose to send news only to your own supporters, which they will receive by email.

Dalendo allows you to share your project page on a wide range of mediums. You can share the video of your page by clicking on « Export » underneath the video.

You can also find the button in the upright menu « Social » that is on your page by using « </> ».

You can also click on the envelope symbol in order to send out the URL address by mail.

Click on the tab “My Supporters”, you will find a list of all your supporters. Click on « Export » in order to export the list of supporters in excel format or comma separated values (csv).

The file will automatically be sent to your Dalendo email account.

The list of supporters gives you access to the following information:

-          Last Name

-          First Name

-          Alias

-          Email address

If one of the addresses is missing, feel free to contact the contributor and ask for an update. But you cans also invite them to fill in a delivery address by clicking the tab « My Transactions », « Address ».

This is another way to get an updated list.

We transfer successfully collected funds within the 7 to 10 business days that follow the closing of your campaign. If you reach your objective before the scheduled closing date, you will have to keep pushing your campaign in order to to collect even more funds. Once the campaign is closed we transfer the collected funds towards your account.

We highlight projects based on their content, the drafting, the support they receive and the energy that the project holder puts into promoting his project.

Dalendo has set up an outreach plan for all projects via the platform and on social networks.

The project holder has to:

-          show a lot of ambition during the campaign and communicate, communicate, communicate

-          avoid thinking that this is a form of begging. Crowdfunding is an alternative way of financing. Banks and States seek for financing on the markets too. It’s a human adventure, every project holder should embrace it and put in all the needed energy and motivation, from the start until the end;

-          learn how to « sell » oneself and one’s project without exaggeration and keep the commitment to realize the project

-          feel confident and contact family, friends, partners or clients and ask them to talk about the project within their own social networks

-          spread the project page on social networks

-          thank supporters who support the project and ask them to talk about and share the project page within their own social networks

-          contact local media, local radios

-          consider working on visual communication, such as flyers or other supports, while controlling the communication budget

-          thank supporters and keep them informed about your project even if your crowdfunding campaign is over.

The End of the campaign

Select the tab « Supporters » on your project page. You can see a list of all contributor’s aliases.

The tab « My Supporters » will show you their first and last name, postal and email address as well as the amount of their contribution and the rewards they wish to receive.

This list can be exported as a excel file, comma separated values (csv).       

Keep updating news about your project. When you publish news (images, videos,...), your supporters receive them by email. You and your supporters can also share them on social media networks.

Use the private messaging system to talk to a particular contributor.

You project page remains public, no matter if your project was successful or not.

If your campaign was successful, keep on using the page to give updates on your developing project. The tab «News » as well as the internal messaging will stay at your disposal so that you can keep your former supporters informed.

If the campaign is unsuccessful, your page can not be accessed anymore through a search engine or by browsing our website. But the URL does still exist, by visiting your profile page you can access your project page.

You have created a community around your project. Liven up your community of supporters and update them on the progress your project has made so far.

Our advice on what you should do after a successful campaign:

-          Send email messages of thanks by the end of your campaign.

-          Inform the community about the next important steps of your project: « we have entered production phase », «I will exhibit my works in this or that gallery”, « we will be in this or that place from this date to that date...”

-          Share visuals: picture, images, poster images. You have already experienced a campaign, now put yourself on stage.

-          Inform your community about possible issues, the internet is a small world. Are you having any trouble? Don’t hide. You will exacerbate those who supported you financially, who guided and motivated you throughout your campaign. If you have any kind of problem, small or big, you need to talk to them. Always stay transparent and try to maintain their trust by offering solutions.

If you follow these rules, then your community can trust you for future projects at Dalendo.

You cannot use the initial project page to start a new campaign. You have to start a new page. After a failed campaign, however, you need to find out why it failed and how to improve it and get greater chances to succeed the next time.


We work with financial partners such as LEMONWAY, STRIPE who manage financial flows depending on the project holder’s location and the currency that is used in a fundraising campaign:

-          LEMONWAY, for projects within the European Economic Area

-          STRIPE, for projects launched from Canada and other SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)

-          PayPal, if the project holder’s location is covered by PayPal.

Collected funds don’t transit through Dalendo servers. Our certified financial partners will create an electronic wallet for supporters and project holders and funds are transferred through their respective secure servers.

At the end of a successful campaign and after approval from our financial partners, Dalendo transfers your collected funds within 7 to 10 business days towards your account.

A project holder who sets the objectives of a campaign must consider that the following fees will be deducted from successfully collected funds:

-           Dalendo: up to 7% tax excluded

-          Banking fees (processing and securing of financial flows) of 3%

These fees have to be considered as costs when a project holder sets the amount of a fundraising campaign.

These fees will only be applied at the end of a successful campaign.

If the campaign is unsuccessful, funds are returned to supporters free of charge.

1. Up to €/$100,000, DALENDO fee is 6 % net of sales tax/European VAT.

Note that our payment gateway provider may apply its own bank fees up to 3.14 % such as PayPal for instance.

If you choose PayPal for your campaign, our fee is 5 %.

2. From €/$100,001 and above, DALENDO fee is :

  • - from 0 to 100,001 : 6.5% (via Paypal : 5%)
  • - from €/$100,001 to €/$500,000 : 5,50% (via Paypal : 4%)
  • - from €/$500,001 to €/$1,000,000 : 4,50% (via Paypal : 3%)
  • - from €/$1,000,001 and more : 4,25 %. (via Paypal : 2.50%)

In the USA, please note that you are responsible to pay sales taxes depending on your State of Residence.

You finished your campaign successfully? – Congratulations. We deduct our remuneration from the collected funds. Our approved partners who manage the financial flow will transfer the funds towards your bank account once all supporting documents are validated.

Project holder must have a valid bank account in the SEPA area (European Economic Area), North America or Hong Kong.

If the campaign is set up with PayPal, you will receive the due amount of funds on your PayPal account from where it can then be transferred towards your regular bank account.

Every project holder must provide us with supporting documents so that collected funds can be transferred safely.

You have to upload the following documents:

1.       Private persons:  a copy of a national ID or a valid passport, proof of address no older than 3 months, mobile phone bills are excluded

2.       Corporate entities:  the company registration, no older than 3 months, a copy of the company statutes, up to date and signed by one or more legal representatives. All representatives and associates that hold over 25% of capital have to provide the copy of a national ID or a valid passport.

3.       Associations or equivalent:  a certified copy of the association's registration from the public organism that manages such registrations in your country or a copy the president of the association’s national ID.

When the collect succeeds, our selected financial partner will transfer the funds towards your bank account once all supporting documents are validated.

If the campaign is successful and all your documents were validated by our partner (Lemonway or Stripe), you will receive your money within 10 business days. If you use PayPal, money transfers towards your bank account may take 5 days or more.

Legal questions

In the context of « donations » with or without rewards, Dalendo connects project holders and supporters who are likely to financially support their projects. The project holder therefore enjoys full ownership of his project. Dalendo as well as supporters have no rights over your projects. Contributing to a fundraising campaign does not make you an associate or give you rights to any royalties.